the future of privacy in location intelligence
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placense provides real-time consumer location data

and behavioral insights of the physical world

we bring data privacy to the world of location intelligence

your business. our solution.

placense helps businesses understand the connection

between people's behavior and physical locations. 

We do so by turning data from apps into aggregated & anonymous real-time insights.


We provide metrics such as customer visits, visit duration, visit frequencies, customer journey paths, gender, age groups, income levels, modes of transport, and other related demographic characteristics.



visit duration


client visit


income level






parking vs. walking



different verticals. similar challenges.

Businesses often lack location-specific market and competitive data in the physical world. placense's solutions tackle specific challenges within each vertical.

real estate
outdoor advertisers

our technology.

from data to insights in 3 steps.


1. asking for explicit consent

To collect any information, apps need to ask users if data can be shared with our partners and usApp users can provide and withdraw consent at any time.

2. ​turning data into anonymized insights

The collected data are turned into location-specific, but fully anonymize insights. We do so by detaching individual metrics from collective metrics of all app users within a certain area.

3. ​providing location data & behavioral insights

Our business clients choose an address and immediately receive

information that up to now, was the sole property of the online world.


“The idea is great and the market is huge.

I am impressed.” 

Dov Yarkoni, investor


GDPR is here.

but where is privacy in

location intelligence?

For years, it is has been enough to provide accurate location-related insights.

This time is over. 


Since GDPR came into effect, businesses are confronted with Privacy Paradox:

On the data supply side, GDPR has turned privacy into the make-or-break decision of any data-related business. On the demand side, the ability to turn consumer data  into strategic actions has become essential for long-term success.

"If data is the oil of the 21st century, ignoring data privacy

might be just as fatal as having ignored global warming." 


your privacy. our responsibility.

Do you feel like you are in control of your data? Let's face it:

Every person should be in control of her or his data. However, this is rarely the case. One reason is that most companies -despite GDPR- have no interest in making it easy for you to take full control of your own data. The other reason is that when we access an app or the internet, we usually value convenience over privacy. 


At placense, we know that protecting the privacy of app users is ultimately about protecting the ones we care about: family, friends, co-workers, customers and ourselves. 


Therefore, we thrive to bring privacy into the world of location intelligence, while delivering unmatched insights about people (not individuals) in a certain area.


The following aspects outline our efforts towards achieving this goal.

groups instead of individuals

How do they make money? Asking yourself this question is the safest way to understand if a company has an interest in protecting your data.


placense makes money by showing businesses statistical information about the behavior and preferences of groups of people in certain locations.

We are neither interested in selling data about individuals nor do we want to target app users with personalized advertisement.

user consent

When it comes to privacy, it is better asking for permission than for forgiveness.

It is essential for us that our partners obtain all relevant consents and approvals which are required under any applicable law, especially COPPA, for the installation of the SDK on mobile phones.

You can provide and withdraw consents at any time in multiple ways (e.g. in our phone or device setting, via our partners or by sending us a mail).

If you withdraw a consent, we will not collect any data affiliated with that consent and device any longer.

contextual privacy

Anonymizing information is no longer enough.

This is why we use a novel technology based on "differential privacy". This technology enables us to receive aggregated statistical information about user habits without compromising individual privacy. 


about us

placense is a venture backed by innogy (largest German energy provider & 3rd largest in Europe) and Nielsen research.


We are a platform providing real-time information about physical foot traffic worldwide.

The user inputs an address and instantly gets information that, up to now, was the sole property of the online world, e.g. number of people, where they came from, gender, age, income level, means of transportation and more.

We leverage the fact that unlike mobile data competitors, the value and insights we generate from the data is not personal but rather aggregative, therefore in a user perspective it is non-intrusive and not compromising the sensitive information of each user.


Having said that, It is well known that ‘anonymous data’ often isn’t that anonymous.

There are a few well-publicized examples of ‘anonymous’ datasets being released that were quickly de-anonymized. Let me provide an example from the healthcare industry: Imagine that a care provider shares anonymized data with external researchers about medical conditions. The export contains “Gender,” “Postal code,” “Date of birth,” and “Description”. An attacker could easily use a public voter list that contains “Name,” “Gender,” “Postal code,” and “Date of birth” to cross-reference the patients.


To prevent such a cross-reference, we developed proprietary mathematical algorithms to make sure this data is totally private whenever it is in any way exported or exposed.

The essence of this process is that we alter parts of the data records in a way that makes it impossible to conclude anything on the individual while remaining accurate at scale and allowing us to reach strong insights when looking at larger datasets. The innovation really kicks in when we dynamically control the number of alterations we need to apply based on the sensitivity of the quarry, i.e The question we ask is: “based on the requested view/filtering – what is the probability of this data export to compromise the user privacy”.


meet the team

Dan Gildoni


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serial entrepreneur and business leader with over 15 years of experience in B2B and B2C digital platforms

Eyal Lanxner

Head of Data

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has over 20 years of experience in data mining and business intelligence across multiple business domains. 

Avi Hadas


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Business Developer in the digital media with successful SDK distribution in 400K apps

Max Lenzen

DPO & MarCom Manager

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ISO/ANSI certified CIPP/E and 

CIPM with experience in design research at Stanford University


our investors

innogy Innovation Hub

innogy is a subsidiary of RWE, and is the largest energy provider in Germany, 3rd largest in Europe, with 23M customers in 11 countries.

innogy's Innovation Hub seeks to build strategic partnerships with Israeli startups to shape the digitally-focused business models of the future.

Nielsen Innovate Fund

Nielsen Innovate is an early-stage technological incubator licensed by the Israel Innovation Authority.

It operates as an incubator and investment fund focused on market research, consumer behavior, data analytics, marketing and advertising solutions, campaign effectiveness measurement, big data, social, mobile and new media.

Israel Innovation Authority

The Israel Innovation Authority (previously known as the Office of the Chief Scientist) is the support arm of the Israeli government, charged with fostering the development of industrial R&D within the State of Israel.

Its mission is to assist the advancement of Israel's knowledge-based science and technology industries in order to stimulate innovation and economic growth through high value-added R&D and R&D collaboration both nationally and internationally. 

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