Understand your market potential

Catchment Areas:

Where customers come from.

Placense is one of the rare proptech cases in which both the business model and team convinced us beyond 100%.

Norman Meyer (Head of Digital Services), Drees & Sommer
Norman Meyer

Head of Digital Services, Drees & Sommer

Map of berlin showing catchment areas of a specific POI


  • Visitors
  • Inhabitants
  • Retail Purchasing Power
  • Food Purchasing Power
  • 102.254
  • 646.468
  • 6.048 M
  • 2.079 M
Dynamic route mapping in Berlin to show where customers of two competing stores go before and after visiting each store
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 50%
  • Visited H&M before they came to you
  • Visited C&A before they came to you
  • Visited Mango before they came to you
Study customer habits

Customer Journeys:

Where customers go – including competitors.

We believe this kind of data and insights are important for our refurbishment decisions and long term tenant mix optimization.

Gabriel Bogantes Aguilar (Manager Business Development – Digital Transformation), Union Investment
Gabriel Bogantes Aguilar

Manager Business Development – Digital Transformation, Union Investment

Know consumers well

Consumer Profiles:

What consumers are interested in.

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a big enterprise like ours adopt new technology and use it regularly to drive decision making for our customers.”

Benedikt Klaucke (Senior Manager Digital, Capital Markets), Cushman & Wakefield
Benedikt Klaucke

Senior Manager Digital, Capital Markets,
Cushman & Wakefield

Example consumer profiles
And many more insights

Make decisions based on data


How often people come back to a location.

Dwell Time

How long people stay in a location.

Number Of Visitors

Home many people visit any location.

Customized information for every client

Be the best informed person in the room

Retail BI Analyst

Understand customers journeys and home/work catchment, so you always know about the local market trends.

Real Estate Manager

Analyze visitor trends and interests for any property, so you buy or sell at the highest potential and the right time.

Out-of-Home Marketer

Measure how many people passed your billboard and visited the advertised brand, so you can prove ad impact.

Out-of-Home Marketer

Measure how many people passed your billboard and visited the advertised brand, so you can convince clients with a proven impact.

Strategy Consultant

Present fact-based insights and competitive benchmarks, so you are the best-informed team winning the client pitch.

Mobility Provider

Identify common commute journeys of your target audience, so you can offer mobility services along the way.

Anonymized Mobile Device Data

In-Line With GDPR and Privacy Regulations - Because We Are All App Users and Value Privacy

100% anonymous & aggregated – so you can show this however you like to your clients with privacy peace of mind.


The New Way Of Getting Insights On Stores & Physical Locations

Real-Time Data

See what’s happening any day, week or month

Historic Backlog

Benefit from data on the past year without having to collect it yourself

No Hardware

Access stats on any place from anywhere at any time

Customer Journeys

Understand where your customers go, where they come from and which competitors they visit along the way

Precise Location by Meters

Assess the performance of even small stores with our advanced machine learning analytics

Percentage Of Population Data

Obtain anynymous mobile device insights from a percentage of the population.
Read more about that

They Say Data Kills Arguments

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