Finding the perfect location for your team means higher satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Placense’s commute analysis locates the ideal base for your business through a comprehensive assessment of all options.
All in under one day. 

The Challenge Of Contemporary Companies

However, matching an office location with optimal commute times manually is an expensive, complex, and time-consuming endeavor. Placense’s Commute Route Optimization Analysis autonomously solves the bureaucratic hustle associated with office relocation to efficiently optimize your employee’s travel time.
Reducing average employee commute time is one of the biggest challenges for today’s businesses, as it has an immense impact on employees’ well-being, and retention of top talent. On top of that, the company’s sustainability profile. Reducing emissions, traffic congestion, and accidents, have become a major priority for many industries.

We Place People And Data At The Heart Of Location Intelligence

At Placense, we care about people. With the help of our data-based commute assessment, we’re able to compare all potential locations in multifold aspects, while also complying with the General Data Protection Regulation. In less than a day, we convert employees’ anonymized postcode data into a comprehensive dashboard, identifying the most favourable office location and reducing commute times.

The Main Advantages Of Conducting A Commute Analysis With Placense

Prioritizing People

Your business is built on people and thrives when they are satisfied and motivated. But everyone’s needs are different. Placense will help you find the place that works for most employees, leaving behind tiring journeys and encouraging to focus on what really matters.

A Data-Led Analysis

​By extracting granular real-time data, we provide an in-depth analysis of all available options, tailored to your specific needs. Our assessment incorporates dynamic route maps, average commute times, the fastest/slowest transport modes, proximity to public transport, and more. Based on this, you will be able to make an informed decision, taking into account every single factor that matters.

Undeniable Impact

A commute evaluation can help a company maximize efficiency of employee’s travel time to the office as well as improve corporate sustainability efforts. Whether you are driven by cost or value — Placense is the perfect solution.

How It Works

1. Upload an Excel file with commuters’ postcodes (see below)

2. Receive an in-depth assessment of relocation options within one day 

3. Identify and choose your optimal office location

4. Improve employees’ productivity, satisfaction, and your company’s
sustainability profile

5. Build a better society

    Example of an excel file for a commute survey


    We analyze 10% of the provided data for free. Once you find the value in our Commute Route Optimization Analysis, the following bundles are available:

    You can move between packages as your scale grows. A little extra: your current location will be assessed for free.

    10 locations£8,000Cost per location is £800
    20 locations£12,000Cost per location is £700
    40 locations£22,000Cost per location is £550
    80 locations£32,000Cost per location is £400
    Up to 250 employees, 4 commute times, 4 means of transport£1,000, per commute location, for one project

    Placense provides a commute analysis aimed to assist in the selection of the best office location for your business. No need to spend extra time on relocation burden — with Placense you’ll get an exhaustive analysis of all your options within a day.