Convince with consumer data on any location.

Use Cases

Pitch Conversion icon2x
Pitch Conversion

Convince with data for any client need: Present consumer insights tailored to your proposal

Save time and request statistics on short notice: Profit from ready-made statistics and ad-hoc communication with us

Competitive insights ICON2x
Competitive Insights

Uncover market potentials: Benchmark your client's performance with any competitor and market

Track customer loyalty: Measure how often customers return and compare it to similar brands and close-by competitors

Market Intelligence ICON2x
Market Intelligence

Validate catchment assumptions: Identify home/work areas and journeys of actual visitors

Detect new market trends: Distinguish between short-term shifts and long-term trends in consumer behavior

Visitor Insights

  • Customer journeys
  • Popular Places
  • Catchment
  • Demographics
  • Visitation trends
  • Loyalty

Customer journeys heatmap example

City map with highlighted popular places

Catchment analysis example

Catchment map showing purchasing power by category

Example visitation trends

Graphs on visitor retention of a store: percentages of monthly visits per visitor and shares of new and returning visits