Measure the impact of outdoor ads at any time.

Use Cases

Marketing Customization 22x
Marketing Customization

Offer dynamic pricing: Price billboard ads based on the number of people passing by

Show locations with high target audience fit: Present shopping interests of people passing your billboard

Catchment Analysis icon2x
Catchment Analysis

Identify billboard spots with maximum reach: Understand typical customer journeys for people passing a billboard

Monitor attractiveness of different ad areas: Determine areas that many billboard passers-by come from and go to

Impact Measurement2x
Impact Measurement

Quantify the conversion rate of ads: Measure how many people pass your billboard and later visit your client’s stores

Perform A/B tests and get feedback within a week: Get weekly updates if leaflet promotions truly drive more consumers to your store

Visitor Insights

  • Popular places
  • Journeys
  • Footfall trends
  • Retention
  • Catchment
  • Demographics

City map with highlighted popular places

Customer journeys heatmap example

Example visitation trends

Graphs on visitor retention of a store: percentages of monthly visits per visitor and shares of new and returning visits

Catchment analysis example

Catchment map showing purchasing power by category