Real Estate

Understand the true value of any property.

Use Cases

Sales Conversion icon
Sales Conversion

Prove a location’s true potential: Present data-driven visitor trends

Build a convincing presentation in no time: Get ready-made statistics for any locality and visitor group

Portfolio Optimization icon
Portfolio Optimization

Prioritize your investments: Assess value based on consumer movement data

Choose tenants with highest target group fit: Understand passers-by interests and demographics

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning

Identify high-potential areas: Access visitor trends from a data backlog of more than 12 month

Assess your unique selling propositions: Compare the catchment areas of your property and close-by alternatives

Visitor Insights

  • Catchment
  • Demographics
  • Popular places
  • Visitation trends
  • Retention
  • Customer journeys

Catchment analysis example

Catchment map showing purchasing power by category

City map with highlighted popular places

Visitation trends example

Graphs on visitor retention of a store: percentages of monthly visits per visitor and shares of new and returning visits

Customer journeys heatmap example