Understand customers anywhere.

Use Cases

site location icon2x
Site Selection

Expand to ideal locations: Determine customers’ most popular places

Relocate unsuccessful stores: Detect the customer group overlap of close-by stores

Market Research2x
Market Research

Forget about catchment estimates: Identify home and work areas of customers that actually visited a location

Identify best practices for any market: Benchmark the number of visitors against any competing store

Customized Marketing2x
Customized Marketing

Be the first to know about local trends: Identify shifts in your target audience’s shopping behavior

Address customers at the right place and time: Understand where customers go before and after visiting your store

Visitor Insights

  • Customer Journeys
  • Catchment
  • Demographics
  • Visitation Trends
  • Loyalty
  • Popular Places

Customer journeys heatmap example

Catchment analysis example

Catchment map showing purchasing power by category

Example visitation trends

Graphs on visitor retention of a store: percentages of monthly visits per visitor and shares of new and returning visits